How Ensan Works?

After downloading the app and going through the signup process you can book one of our preregistered and authorized caregivers to attend your healthcare needs at your convieninance.

  • Signup You first step to join Ensan family after downloading the application is to signup
  • Book Service Select what services you need and at your conveince
  • No Hidden Fees all available services are priced clearly with no hidden fees.

Easy to Choose Service, date and time, caregiver

From the convinence of your finger tips, select the services you need and then choose the most suitable time for you

Choose Verified Caregiver

You can select which caregiver you want to attend your selected services from our verified list of cargivers


You can apply for being a service provider for Ensan and join our family through Ensan Caregiver application and uploading your information and credentials for verification by our Medical verification committee.

Available working hours

Select your available working hours and get bookings notification for review from the ease of your finger tips.

Easy to view bookings

Get notified on new booking orders to accept and plan your working hours

Patient History - Records

Get a history report of your patient, a full review by other caregivers that you are going to attend.

About Ensancare

Established in 2020, Ensancare company formed as a digital caregiving solution provider. Its main function relies on developing a mobile application that connects caregiving providers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia such as Doctors, Nurses, caregivers with patients based on their clinical diagnosis. Moreover, at Ensancare we strive to provide Patients with a high quality care at an affordable price.

Furthermore, Ensancare was founded by Dr. Khalid Batterjee. The ambition is to provide easy to access homecare in GCC to ensure a standard of eloquent quality in homecare services to all age groups while focusing on increasing the caregiver to patient ratio.

  • 2020 Founded
  • 700+ Caregivers
  • 17000+ Customers

Our services

Ensancare App provide a variety of services that can be addressed to different society levels

Some of our services are

  • Physical Therapy

    We offer a variety of Physical Therapist who examines each patient and develop a treatment plan to move reduce and manage pain, prevent disability or restore functions

  • Doctor Visit

    Our Doctors has been verified through a committee of fine and certified doctors to get to provide the best services to you and your loved ones.

  • Nursing

    Nurses visit is designed to provide the best home services at optimum quality, hygiene and standard procedures and Protocols

  • Elderly Care

    Providing at home care services for your family

  • Baby sitting

    A sevice designed to provide help and support in care of a babys and new born with feeding, sanitzaing bottles and other services provided by caregivers

Download Ensancare application and be part of the future of Homecare

You can download app for both users and caregivers on IOS and Android